Terms And Conditions of Use

All CHISCO Transport tickets are issued subject to CHISCO Transport terms and conditions of carriage. The passenger, by PURCHASE of CHISCO Transport travel ticket unconditionally accepts the terms and condition contingent to the use of CHISCO TRANSPORT services.


  1. All Tickets are valid for use ONLY by the individual to whom it has been issued and the bus schedule, date and time for which it is purchased.
  2. It is the sole responsibility of all passengers’ to provide updated, correct and detailed information while filling the blank spaces on his/her ticket.
  3. CHISCO is not responsible for lost or stolen tickets.

Ticket Amendments

  1. Any alteration made on a ticket issued by authorized personnel of CHISCO Transport renders that ticket invalid for all purposes. A new ticket shall be required to validate any ticket so altered. Ticket fares may be subject to additional charges including insurance, taxes et al. where applicable.

Ticket Transfer

  1. CHISCO Transport tickets once issued are non-transferable except otherwise considered by the management of CHISCO Transport as necessary albeit subject to CHISCO Transport management’s ratification based on prevailing circumstance. With regard to the foregoing exception, tickets tendered by persons other than whom it was originally issued to are deemed void and shall be confiscated.

Refund And Revalidation

  1. Tickets already purchased are non-refundable but may be revalidated once, free of charge within 3 weeks of ticket purchase. At the expiration of three weeks you are expected to buy a new travel ticket. Re-book without any consideration at 50% administrative charge. Revalidation is subject to stipulated terms and conditions and can only be granted by authorised CHISCO Transport Administrator or agent otherwise it is considered as void.

Ticket Reservation

  1. Passengers are encouraged to book tickets in advance but must arrive at the relevant departure CHISCO Transport terminal 45mins before scheduled boarding/departure time. Ticket reservation must indicate date of travel. And for a round trip; date of return must be specified and must not exceed three weeks. Advanced purchased tickets’ may be revalidated or departure date and time changed prior to scheduled travel date but subject to agreed advanced booking requirements and terms including administrative charge of 5% as fee. For passengers who miss their bus on scheduled travel date, ticket revalidation must not exceed 24hrs. Should the revalidation of such tickets exceed 24 hours, it shall be cancelled without refunds

Ticket Re-booking

  1. Rebooking is allowed but the request must be accompanied by the original ticket. All rebooking must be done within three weeks of initial ticket purchase. Where increase in cost/price of the ticket applies, the passenger is required to pay. Rebooking may be made at CHISCO Transport Terminals, Online, 24/7 Customer Care facility or any authorised travel agent.

Departure Time

  1. All Passengers are required to arrive at designated CHISCO Transport departure terminals 60 minutes before scheduled departure time as stated on their ticket. Vacant seat not filled 5 minutes to the scheduled departure time, may be given away to available passengers.

Passengers Luggage

  1. Passengers are entitled to 10kg free luggage space on board at owner’s risk. CHISCO Transport reserve the right to refuse the carriage of luggage that exceeds 10kg capacity (for non-compliance with these conditions). Passengers must obtain and ensure that relevant luggage sticker is affixed to their luggage before boarding.
  2. Luggages that exceed the 10kg free luggage mark is classified as excess luggage. Excess luggage attracts whatever is prevalent as excess luggage charges/rate per kg and in the absence of available space may be carried as unaccompanied luggage thereafter.
  3. Valuable items like laptops, ipods/ipads, cellular phones, electronic items, jewellery, cash, sun glasses, credit cards, spectacles, and perishable/fragile items may not be loaded in the luggage compartment but large items must be accommodated in the luggage compartment with the assistance of Chisco porters. Unaccompanied luggage will not be carried. If found will be confiscated.
  4. All unaccompanied luggage may be conveyed by Chisco Transport subsidiary (CTN EXPRESS LTD). Terms and conditions apply.
  5. All luggages are carried at owner’s risk. CHISCO TRANSPORT will not be responsible for loss or damage to passengers’ luggage except otherwise established that CHISCO Transport acted with inadvertent negligence leading to loss or damage of passengers’ luggage or personal property. Compensation for such losses and/or damage shall be limited to a maximum value of the travel ticket per claim.
  6. The carrying of firearms, hard drugs, harmful chemicals, explosives or toxic substances is not permitted on CHISCO Transport Coaches/buses.
  7. Passengers are advised to watch over their luggage and ensure that they disembark with their luggage or personal property at all times. For Left behind luggage or personal property on the coaches/buses, if not claimed by the owners within 72 hours (and after all reasonable efforts to contact the relevant passenger) it shall be safely stored for a period of 2 weeks. Thereafter, CHISCO TRANSPORT shall be entitled to dispose of the luggage in any matter it deems fit without any liability to the passenger.
  8. All fares are payable in Naira (Nigeria) and/or in the local currency equivalent of the country of departure. Fares may be reviewed periodically occasioned by market forces.

Pets, Alcohol, Smoking, Unaccompanied Children (Below 12 years)

  1. Pets (animals), Alcohol intake/intoxicated passenger, Smoking and unaccompanied children is prohibited on all the coaches/buses. For children proof of identity will be required at the point of ticket purchased and during boarding.

Travel Documents

  1. Regardless of our exclusive immigration formalities management process, passengers must ensure that they possess valid travel documents for cross-border travels. CHISCO will not be responsible for passengers’ non possession of valid travel documents or consequences arising thereof including denial of entrance or any other inconveniences thereafter.


  1. No attaché or standing passengers shall be conveyed. No passenger has the right to inconvenience others by any chance. Passenger should not lie or sit in the aisle or toilet of the coach. Also luggages must not be stuffed in the aisle or toilet of the coach.

Force Majeure

  1. If due to war, strikes, threat of terrorism, industrial action short of strike, lockouts, accidents, fire, blockade, import or export embargo, natural catastrophes, technical malfunction, epidemics and pandemic or other obstacles over which chisco has no control, Chisco fails to fulfil its obligations to its passenger in the manner and/or within the time required by the terms stated here CHISCO will not be liable to the passenger for any loss/damage arising from any failure or delay in performance or service delivery arising from circumstances beyond Chisco’s control and will not be held responsible for any loss or damage which may be incurred by the passenger as a result of such failure.
  2. However, Chisco will make every reasonable effort to ensure connections between its services and to inform passengers if there are any delays in the connection of its services.
  3. Chisco may change schedule or cancel any of its services but upon reasonable prior notice to passengers, without any liability.
  4. Verbal fare quotations are not allowed. Chisco fare can be found on Chisco terminals and website

Preferred Payment Mode

  1. Cash
  2. Debit/Credit Cards

Preferred Payment Mode

Ensure that all your payments are receipted otherwise it is fraud.

  1. Do not be a victim or an accomplice to fraud.
  2. Ensure that all your luggages are properly tagged after payment and before it is loaded for security reasons
  3. Payment to and/or through unauthorised staff or agent is strictly prohibited
  4. All enquiries (questions) should be made only at the information/customer service desk to avoid being misled or exploited
  5. Do not patronise touts to avoid being exploited or duped
  6. All transactions with drivers/conductors are illegal and not advised.
  7. All illegal transactions will be impounded by CHISCO Transport management without compromise