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Adjudged the most populous black nation in Africa, Nigeria is an effervescent tourist destination of diverse and rich cultural heritage. From the nature’s awe-striking landscapes, vegetation and creations that exemplifies the natural wonders of nature to the creative magnate and architectural spell of man’s re-creative edge; from where creation pulsed, to where man capitalised on God given resources to invent heavens on earth landmarks and resonating scenery of wonders and enchantment, Nigeria and indeed West Africa is a pulsating power house of tourism and tourist destinations yet to be fully explored.

Ever imagined where the ocean meets the sky? Or experience anything special outside your routine regiment and homeland? Let’s break the monotony of life and hand you bubbles of excitement in pleasurable fulfilment.

Let’s indulge you.

At Chisco, Travel and Tour is not a product/service. It is a life style. So, lets take you on a journey to distant lands, acquaint you with different people, unique culture and scenery that exemplifies the arch-wonders of nature and man’s creative ingenuity on a voyage of unprecedented discoveries.

We trend journeys that make you read the world around you on pages of amazing and unforgettable chain of experiences that leave you breathless in streams of excitement and fulfilment - so inestimable.

Be inspired!