Chisco Transport FAQ

Yes you can, but you need to contact Customer Care unit to effect it (if you book on line) or visit one of our terminals where you purchase your ticket (if you bought your ticket manually) within 24 hours before the travel date
You can only reschedule ticket for now.
It is free to change the travel date, but it needs to be done 24 hours before the travel date or the ticket will be forfeited
Yes you can access updated fares online, you can also call any of our customer service telephone lines or visit any of our terminals
Yes, the online fares are the same as fares at the terminals (except during promotions)
Customer Service
Yes, the customer service help lines are available 24/7
We have the fill our Customer Feedback form online, you can also physically request for the forms at any of our terminals or alternatively visit one of our social media sites and drop your comments.
Yes, safety advice is communicated to customers each time before a trip is embarked on and on our online/social media platforms
Our customer service help lines are available 24/7, you can also make use of our Customer Feedback Form or visit our help desk in each terminal
There are no compensations for breakdowns, but adequate and swift responses to facilitate trans-loading arrangements if need be are readily available
Our terminals and buses are secured, however you are advised to watch over your luggage and never keep it carelessly or leave it in the custody of someone you do not know. Please read our Terms and Conditions regarding security responsibilities and extent of our liability on this
We have well trained professionals, hence our turnaround time per customer is swift and very efficient.
We operate the most efficient and reliable 24-hr maintenance service in a well equipped and modern workshop hence our breakdowns are minimal
We have adequate trained personnel and also adequate spare parts supply, hence our response time is swift, however transloading arrangements are also readily available
Yes, you can but under strict adherence to acceptable standards with traveling with such babies in such buses.
Yes, we have effective, efficient and trust worthy porters available to assist with all your baggage.
Yes, our Hotels and other partner Hotels allow for easy bookings at heavily discounted rates subject to availability.
We have the capacity to march any charter request as a result of our large fleet capacity. However, we advise the charter request/specifications need to be communicated to us 48hours before time to ensure fleet availability
Our buses are well maintained and our drivers are RTSS certified. Our safety consciousness is to the maximum. However, the situation can be evaluated, depending on how bad the weather is.
At the moment we don't but provisions are being worked on.
We have a customer login details where a customer would have an online account for easy booking and also get classified information.
Product And Services
This is a Loyalty Scheme that enables you to get rewarded as loyal customers for Chosing us ahead of our competitors. It enables you to enjoy amazing discounts and loads more each time you travel with us
To become a Gold/Silver card member you need acquire relevant points to qualify (see Loyalty Club on our website for details).
Yes they apply to all routes
No for now but with proper form of identification you may get concessions.
No for now but concessions may be granted where necessary.